Leah, Not Leia follows the story of a baby girl born during the Star Wars boom of 1977 who’s name happens to be similar to a certain Jedi Princess that wasn’t allowed to wear underwear. Leah Not Leia, although heavy in Star Wars metaphors, relates beyond Star Wars fans, This comedy short strikes back for every kid named Scotty that had to hear “Beam me up” repeatedly, or every girl named Jenny that had to listen to that infamous telephone number over and over again.

First They Came For is inspired by the poem by Reverend Martin Niemoller of the same name. This short film is set in a not so distant future where a nondescript regime takes away various discriminated groups out of everyday situations where they are creating no crime, all the while, our Narrator watches this injustice happen and struggles between standing up and saving himself.

Loss is the story of a woman who, while sitting at her father’s death bed witnesses her father being “taken.” Later on a hill top that nearly touches the sky, Elsie confronts the man who took her father and learns the answers to death as well as life.

Laundry Day tells the story of a three year-old girl loves to help her daddy with the laundry. In between the laundry cycles they play with dough, play outside in the yard, Daddy has a way of making such a thankless task fun. But what the little girl really likes to do is ball-up the socks. Her big girl task makes her feel proud. What her daddy doesn’t realize is that she miss-matches all the socks.


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