Screenwriting Workshop – Class Schedule


Karmic Courage is offering an 8 week screenwriting workshop starting September 29. Drop in classes are also available for $30 for each class. Classes take place Wednesdays from 7pm-9pm at the Karmic Courage Workshop room in Noblesville, IN.

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Class Schedule:

Sept 29 – “What gets you in the door” – in this class we’ll be working on the appearance of a properly formated script to be sent to agents, managers, and producers. We’ll cover the business of a screenwriter, what a Hollywood Reader coverage report looks like, we’ll work on creating loglines that pop, the 7 elements of a screenplay structure,  and have a Final Draft software demo.

Oct 6 – “Characters” – in this class we’ll talk about the hero’s journey, defining the types of hero’s and their character arc’s. We’ll do exercises to build unique characters, compare existing characters in popular films, workshop how to describe characters in simple but memorable ways, talk about the importance of protagonist vs antagonist, and how supporting characters fit into screenplays.

Oct 13 – “Potpourri” – in this class we’ll cover a lot of the little elements that can make or break a screenplay; powerful action lines, tone, proper POV, settings that work for and against your characters, and we’ll have fun with cliche’s.

Oct 20 – “Dialogue” – in this class students will bring in a 3-10 page script for professional actors to act out in class. Actors will also read from popular film scripts to see what dialogue rings true and what dialogue is too “on the nose.”

Oct 27 – “What does and does not belong in Act 1” – in this class we’ll get to the nitty-gritty of what should and should not be in the first 15 pages of your script.

Nov 3 – “What does and does not belong in Act 2” – in this class we’ll get to the meat of the script and look at broading conflicts, creating segments, create subplots and continue to build character arcs from page 15-90.

Nov 10 – “Bringing it all back home, Act 3” – in this class we’ll talk about the importance of an awesome Act 3 that readers will remember and at the end, will want to recommend your script.

Nov 17 – “Wrap Party/Pitch Meeting” – for the final day of the class students will be able to pitch their script to local directors, producers and agents in the area. Students will also be available to read up to 10 pages of their material for critique from local screenwriters in attendance. Great opportunity to network your material and receive critique from those in the biz! (note* all those in attendance will sign a simple release that they will not steal others ideas during the pitch meeting.)

$30 for each drop in class. See our registration form for organization discounts.

Click here for the registration form


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