PREMIERE of “Leah Not Leia”

Films, Leah, Not Leia

Come join us for the movie event of the summer!!

Friday, July 1st. Pre-show starts at midnight.

“Leah Not Leia” follows the story of a baby girl born during the Star Wars boom of 1977 who’s name happens to be similar to a certain Jedi Princess that wasn’t allowed to wear underwear. Leah Not Leia, although heavy in Star Wars metaphors, relates beyond Star Wars fans, This comedy short strikes back for every kid named Scotty that had to hear “Beam me up” repeatedly, or every girl named Jenny that had to listen to that infamous telephone number over and over again.

Directed by: Thomas A Johnson & Nathaniel Savidge.
Written by: Kate Chaplin
Starring: Liz Collar, Chris Spurgin, Carrie Fedor, Joshua Ramsey, and George Starkey

IMAX Hamilton 16 Theaters, 13825 Norell RD, Noblesville, IN

Tickets are $9.50 and available at the door.

Check out our facebook event page! 


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