Release of the Karmic Courage Short Film Collection on DVD

Films, Spoon Adventures

Debuting at the Noblesville Preservation Alliance  25th Annual Historic Tour of Homes is the release of the Karmic Courage Short Film Collection.

The home tour takes place Saturday, Sept 17th from 10am-5pm at various locations around Noblesville.

The DVD features 7 shorts films, some never released on the internet, as well as bonus material. Films such as the multi-award winning human rights short “First They Came for..” to the zanny adventures of a spoon with feet and arms. The films are not rated.  Run time is approximately 60 minutes.

Films include:

  • First They Came For…
  • Laundry Day
  • Loss
  • An Interview with Author Debra Kemp
  • Spoon Heist
  • Spoons Love Beer
  • The Business of Screenwriting

Bonus Material includes

  • Screenwriting Webseries Commercial
  • Inglorious Writers Commercial
  • The Filmmakers Report

The home tour covers 7 homes in the Noblesville area. DVD’s will be for sale at the Leach Family home on Wayne Street.

ONLINE SALES are coming  soon.


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