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UPDATE: audition time slots have all been filled. Email the office for a 1 hour stand by time. 

Below are the lists of characters as well as descriptions we’ll be looking for in the new sci-fi feature “Ingenue.”

In-person auditions will be Saturday, April 7th in Noblesville, IN. Email officekcp(AT)gmail(DOT)com with your headshot and resume for a 15 minute audition time.

Online auditions/reels links can also be sent to officekcp(AT)gmail(DOT)com before April 7th. Dramatic monologues preferred.

This project will be non-union.


CAROL – female, white, 30’s look
Lead role, school teacher, mother of two young girls, frazzled but smart

ROSALINE – female, any ethnicity, 18-24 look
Lead role, human analog, doe-eyed, young child-like nature, actor needs great range of emotion, prefer long dark hair and big brown eyes.

ADAM – male, white, 30’s look
Lead role, father of two, engineer, loves NPR stories, disconnected at times, protective,

RICHARD – male, any ethnicity, 20’s look
love interest to Rosaline, loves pop culture, a knight in shining armor

LIZZIE – female, white, 4-6 years old
Daughter to Carol & Adam sister to Mia (already cast) minimal lines but a lot of screen time

AGENT RUNE – male, any ethnicity, 40’s look
by-the-book FBI Agent. Ed Harris type

BIG MAN, male, white, 50’s look
Large man, commanding presence, representing big goverment (1 day role)

ELEANORE, female, any ethnicity, 30’s look,
school teacher and friend of Carol, sweet natured, great friend and pregnant in the scene (1 day role)

SECRETARY, female, any ethnicity, 30-40’s look
Mean Secretary at a military hospital, hates people, loves to get others in trouble

MILITARY DOCTOR, male, any ethnicity, 30’s
Sensitive but stern doctor at a military hospital (1 day role)

BERG, male, white, 50’s look
Double role farmer look, gruff, speaks his mind, short and to the point, sweet face

GENE, female, any ethnicity, 40-60’s look
Library staff, sweet (1 day role)

POLICE OFFICER #1, male, any ethnicity, 30’s look (1 day role with speaking lines)
POLICE OFFICER #2, female, any ethnicity, 30’s look (1 day role with speaking lines)
POLICE OFFICER #3, male, any ethnicity, 20’s look (1 day role with speaking lines)

WAITER, male or female, any ethnicity, open age range (1 day role with speaking lines)

FBI AGENT, male, any ethnicity, 30’s, skinny and no-nonsence (1 day role with speaking lines)

JOHN, male, any ethnicity, 20’s, stockey,
the laziest of the hipsters but the most dedicated, has a finger tattoo of a mustache

JANIE, female, any ethnicity, 20’s
(no lines) but room for improv.

MARCEY, female, any ethnicity, 20’s
Not the smartest hipster of the group, doesn’t get all the references they spout

PERCY, male, any ethnicity, 20’s, skinny
Annoying hipster who thinks he knows everything about everything, has a beard growing out a handlebar mustache, bully.

SOPHIA, female, any ethnicity, 7-11
friend of Mia (already cast) (1 day scene with lines)

APRIL, female, white, 30’s
Friend of Carol. Supermom who could also pass as a supermodel. (1 day role)

APRIL’s SON, male, white, 4-6 (no lines, gets to play in a playground) (1 day role)


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