Ingenue: Feature Film

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This is a Crew Call,

For the Film Ingenue

Deadline 6/1/20112 (earlier the better)
Running time: Feature

We are looking for crew for the upcoming Kate Chaplin Blockbuster feature Ingenue  

About the film :

“Ingenue is an amazing family-friendly feature film about a married couple that finds a human analog (clone) in their basement and is blackmailed by the Alliance Clone Corporation to raise her and teach her what it means to be human.”
(source:  Date: 5-15-2012)

This will be by e-mail in/phone only at the moment(as real life is really hectic atm)

We are looking for the following positions:

Grip/Gaffer/AC – hired by DP – we will take resume’ and forward them to the DP
Production Designer
Script Supervisor
Sound Mixer weekdays – we have equipment yes we do 🙂
Boom op
Make Up/Hair artists
Behind the scenes team – need to have own equipment and be able to edit.
PA’s 2 per day. (can be for the 11 days entirely) We will be offer internship opportunities/ credit for internship programs at all qualifying university’s.
IF interested have your program coordinator contact Joshua Wooten at ( You will get credit for the film , a copy for your reels and Experience!!!!)

Please put the name of the film and the Job you are interested in in the subject line of the email. and a copy of your cv/resume attached or in the body.

Our shooting scheduled is as follows and ***subject to change***

June 21-24 (Thursday-Sunday)
June 28-July 1 (Thursday-Sunday)
July 6 (half day)- July 8  (Friday-Sunday)
Hours 8am-8pm ish will go later as needed (Housing and Transportation will Not provided.)
We will be shooting in the Indianapolis/Noblesville Area for the most part but again ***subject to change***
Craft Services will be provided

PA’s inquiries go to Josh Wooten(
Everyone else go to email

Info on the film


Joshua Wooten
Unit Production Manager
 -a Kate Chaplin Film

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