Meet the Characters of Ingenue



The last human analog created by a German scientist to study the variation of environmental vs. instinctual imprinting. Rosie was the scientist’s most special creation. He kept her hidden from his employer, the Alliance Clone Corporation (ACC). When the scientist knew death was approaching, he put Rosie into deep sleep and hid her in his basement, hoping that whoever found her would take care of her and finish raising her. Played by Sarah Moore.


Hard-working father of two girls and the husband to Carol. When looking for a board game in the basement he finds Rosie hidden in a box, changing his world forever. Adam’s checkered past allows the Alliance Clone Corporation the blackmail they need to keep Rosie a secret. Played by Raymond Kester


Consumed by compassion and past regrets, Carol, a former school teacher, agrees to raise Rosie. Carol struggles with switching from teaching the alphabet to now an Analog that desires to know if she is human. Played by Melissa S. Chapman.


Oldest daughter of Carol and Adam who bonds quickly with her new sister but soon struggles with the loss of her parents attention. Played by Kami Leach.


The youngest daughter of Carol and Adam who loves ballet, dolls and her new sister. Played by Jamie Angel.


When Rosie is discovered in the Owens’ basement, John Rune is sent by the Alliance Clone Corporation to keep a lid on the situation. Rune is more than willing to kill the newly discovered analog as that part of the program has been long since closed down, however, knowing that analogs die if contained to a lab, Rune blackmails Carol and Adam into keeping the analog until such time that the ACC wants her back. Played by Craig Lemons.


The head of the Alliance Clone Corporation who is on trial for ethic violations for taking DNA from harden criminals and making a new army. Played by Tristan Ross. 


A missing-person’s detective is sent to the Ownes’ home when Rosie is found in the basement. With no finger prints and no reports of anyone of her description  missing, Detective Miles is ready to take Rosie into processing when John Rune arrives and reveals the truth about Rosie and where she came from. Played by Chris Spurgin.


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