Starbase Indy Screenings!

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Kate Chaplin will be giving a 1 hour talk on “Being a Female Director” as well as screening 3 Karmic Courage films at this year’s Starbase Indy.

“Indie Film Screening: Three films by Karmic Courage Productions”

Featuring: Home Security, Love Dance and Leah Not Leia.  Chaplin wrote and directed Home Security. Chaplin directed Love Dance, written by Terry Shepard. Chaplin wrote Leah Not Leia, directed by Tom Johnson and Nate Savidge.  There is also a chance of seeing a special clip from the upcoming sci-fi feature “Ingenue.”


Friday, November 23,  5pm in Main Programing (Liberty Hall)

Sunday, November, 25, 12pm in Salon A

TALK – BEING A FEMALE DIRECTOR (following the Sunday screenings)

Sunday, November 25

*CORRECTION 1pm in Salon A

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One thought on “Starbase Indy Screenings!

  1. Dear Kate,

    I tried to catch you at S.B.I missed you but
    I just found and watched your Youtube on Women Directors.
    I am both elated that you shared so much real and important knowledge and dishearten by the way the film industry continues to treat women, both in front of and behind the camera.
    I love movies and feel that good cinema can be entertainingly relevant.
    As a older woman of color who wants very much to create in film someday I applaud your and your films. “I’m Just Sayin, Kate you are Fantastic”!

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