Our Next Production: Mythic Waters Shoki’s Bag


Shoki's Bag Poster

Karmic Courage is pleased to announce our 15th project: Mythic Waters: Shoki’s Bag.

Mythic Waters is fantasy/steampunk trilogy following the adventures of a disfigured ex-circus strongman and a water spirit. The two are caught up in a upcoming war between the Water Realm and the human world starting with the kidnapping of the should-be queen of the Water Realm.

Karmic Courage will first release the novel (of the same name) in fall of 2013. Sales from the book will go toward making the feature film. The feature film is set to go into production in 2014. Gavin Rulon will play Shoki the ex-circus strongman. Kate Chaplin will write and direct.

We’re super excited about this production. It’s a great story full of mythical themes and complex characters. We feel that now we have the resources to make this film a reality and be able to give to the public what they deserve, a good film well told.


In a Jules Verne-type universe, an ex-circus strongman struggles to get rid of a parasitic life force. When he comes across a charismatic water spirit who is searching for a kidnapped princess; the two begin an adventure of personal strength and forgiveness.

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