About Us

Karmic Courage Productions is a film and media company with the mission of creating short and feature length films for distribution and release. Karmic Courage’s constant goal throughout production is to create inspirational films which showcase realistic and positive female role models that are commercially exploitable to a wide range of audiences.

Contact us: officekcp (at) gmail.com

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FILM /TV CREDITS (links to IMDb)

Karmic Courage is owned by Kate Chaplin.

About Kate Chaplin

Named a “Naptown notable resident” by Intake Magazine, as well as one of the “most talented writers around today” by the Writer’s Page, Kate Chaplin is an multi-award-winning film maker whose projects have appeared on MTV, local television, film festivals, in print and online. Ms. Chaplin’s latest film project First They Came for… won awards the Indy Award, the Gold Award and was nominated for the Hoosier Lens Award. Ms. Chaplin works on many film productions in Indiana as a Co-Producer, Assistant Director, or Script Supervisor. She is the author of The Belief Test and the president of the Indy Writers’ group. Ms. Chaplin is passionate about film and sought after to provide film classes at local schools, libraries and leadership organizations to help inspire others to learn more about filmmaking.


  • Mythic Waters: Shoki’s Bag, Writer/Director/Producer, Karmic Courage Productions (post production)
  • Ezekiel’s Landing, Executive Producer, Karmic Courage Presents a Valiant Dead Film (post production)
  • Gamers: Hands of Fate, Assistant Director Second Unit, Zombie Orpheus/Dead Gentleman (2013)
  • Stolen Voice Buried Secrets, Production Assistant, Sirens Media for Investigation Discovery Channel (2013)
  • Shellnapped, Associate Producer, Raging Sloth (2013)
  • The Dream Job, Co-Producer/Assistant Director/Script Supervisor, Karmic Courage and Romeo’s Foe (2013)
  • Ingénue, Executive Producer/Writer/Director, Karmic Courage Productions (2013)
  • Gamer Chick Season 3, Script Supervisor, Romeo’s Foe Productions  (production)
  • VH1 Pepsi Fan Jam, Production Assistant/Driver, VH1 (TV) (2012)
  • CMT Crossroads, Production Assistant/Driver, CMT (TV) (2012)
  • Home Security, Executive Producer/Director/Writer, Karmic Courage Productions (2012)
  • Love Dance, Executive Producer/Director, Karmic Courage Productions (2012)
  • It’s the Law, Co-Producer, Brilliant Frontier Productions (2012)
  • Fertility 2.0, Script Supervisor/Set Designer, Liberty or Death Productions (2011)
  • Ready to Settle, Production Assistant, Ewe B*tch Productions (2011)
  • Leah Not Leia, Executive Producer/Writer, Karmic Courage Productions (2011)
  • Screenwriting Webseries, Executive Producer/Talent/Editor, Karmic Courage Productions  (2011)
  • Curiosity: Alien Invasion, Production Assistant, Atlas Media for Discovery Channel (2010)
  • Beverly Lane, Script Supervisor, Arsonist Pictures (2010)
  • Sam Sanoma, Writer/Producer, Private Eye Stick Figure Pictures (2009)
  • My Bloody Wedding, Script Supervisor, Clothespin Films (2009)
  • Dodgin’ a Ford, Writer/Director (Music Video) (2009)
  • Soldiers Song, Script Supervisor/Asst. Director, Magichouse Productions (2009)
  • Debra Kemp Series, Executive Producer/Director/Editor, Karmic Courage Productions (Web) (2008)
  • Illusions of Life, Production Assistant, Stick Figure Pictures (2008)
  • Always Reaching, Script Supervisor/2nd Asst. Director, Runaway Pen (2008)
  • First They Came for… Writer/Director/Producer, Karmic Courage Productions  (2008)
  • Loss, Writer/Director/Producer/editor, Karmic Courage Productions (2008)
  • Laundry Day, Writer/Director/Editor, Karmic Courage Productions (2007)
  • The Week In Rockford, Talent/Writer/Editor (TV) (1995)
  • Radio AAHS, Writer/Production Asst. (TV Commercial) (1995)
  • La Buena Vida, For MTV, Writer/Production Asst. (Music Video) (1995)



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