Welcome to the Backer’s Page for Ezekiel’s Landing!

Thank you SO much to all our backers for making our film possible. We’ve been filming since February every other weekend and we have captured some A-mazing footage. Our cast and crew is so hard working and so talented, they will make you proud.


Music Theme for Backers $10+ READY!

Blu-rays, T-shirts, Posters, CD’s, Props, Screenplays – Ship October 2014.

HD download – you’ll see the link on this page in October 2014.


We have only a few more days in principal photography to go! Last weekend the cast and crew assembled for our 5th shooting weekend in Noblesville and Waldron IN. Lots of fake blood was made and the “Sheriff” in the movie might be a little worse for wear.

We’ve been cutting the movie together as we go. We have 50+ minutes of the movie already edited. Performances and shots look great! Story is coming together wonderfully. We all can’t wait to hear the music put together, there has already been music composed and recorded for the a lot of the scenes.

The cast and crew has become a tight-knit family. They all work wonderfully together as we put together this amazing story that we hope you’ll love as much as we do.

-Kate Chaplin, Executive Producer of Ezekiel’s Landing

Screencaps Photo Gallery

Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery




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