Congrats! You found the secret GenCon link! Here you can download a PNG of a GenCon exclusive t-shirt iron-on for our film “Leah Not Leia.”

How to get your free iron on:

  1. Click on the image below, it will open a new window
  2. Right click on the enlarged image and “Save Image As”

How to make a iron on out of an image:

  1. Open the image. If you are using Windows Photo Gallery click on “Print” at the top center
  2. Select the printer you want to use
  3. Select the size of the image
  4. Change “Paper Type” to T-shirt Transfer. Doing this will reverse your image allowing you to do a white t-shirt transfer. If you are using Dark T-shirt Transfer Paper, select your “paper type” as any of the photo paper options that you feel comfortable with. DO NOT reverse the image for Dark T-shirt Transfers (I’ve made this mistake)
  5. Print onto t-shirt transfer paper

What to do with your exclusive GenCon Leah Not Leia iron on:

  • Make a t-shirt or tank top
  • Make a tote bag
  • Iron it onto your pillow case
  • Put the image on the back pocket of your jeans
  • Print the image several times to make a unique curtain
  • Decorate your underwear
  • Make your teddy bear a t-shirt
  • Make a Barbie shirt and have her battle with your Princess Leia doll
  • and much more…


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