Home Security

Horror hits home as a security salesman tries to increase sales by breaking into people house to scare them. Written & Directed by Kate Chaplin. Stars: Emmanuel Carter, L.E. Bradford and Sarah Moore. 

Production Stills From “Home Security” 

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Starbase Indy, Indianapolis, IN November 23 & 26

Indianapolis International Film Festival, Indianapolis, IN July 23 & 29

Made In Bloomington Film Series, Bloomington, IN, May 1, 9:30pm

Irving Theater, Indianapolis, February 17, 2012

Days of the Dead, Atlanta, March 10, 2012

Critic Reviews:

***NEW**** AIN’T IT COOL NEWS says: ” This is a well paced and well made thriller from start to finish.” Read the full review here 

A SOUTHERN LIFE IN SCANDALOUS TIMES says: ”     “Home Security” is a wicked funny short film that flips the script on home invasion… it was a great little short.” Read the full review here

MAIL ORDER ZOMBIE says: “Very well done. Cinematography and editing is spot on. Smart things happening in the editing…Fully realized characters, I really like this one.”  Read the full review here

SON OF CELLULOID says: “Winner” Read the full review here

WICKED CHANNEL says: “The whole ten minutes of this short tell such a great story with a good build to a very fun payoff, that really will have people clapping and cheering. Great acting and great script. I did not see the ending coming, and I had no clue that they would even go that direction. This is so smart and creative, and I am really a fan of this.”  – Read the full review here

INDEPENDENT FILM CRITIC says: “Chaplin takes the basic concept and creates a suspenseful, intelligent film that ends up just about perfectly.” Read the full review here

BLOODTYPE ONLINE says “I thought it was done extremely well”  Read the full review here


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