Kate Chaplin offers workshops on screenwriting and filmmaking.

Chaplin has been a guest speaker at HOBY Leadership Seminar (keynote speaker), Indy Writers’ GroupIndianapolis International Film Festival, Gen Con, River Bend Film Festival, InConjunction Sci-fi Fantasy Convention, Indiana Filmmakers Network (Noblesville & Lafayette), Harrison Park Elementary Enrichment Program, Carmel High School (film class) Tipton Arts Commission, Tipton Public Library and more.

Would you like Kate Chaplin to come speak at your event? Email

2013 Female Directors Presentation at Indiana Filmmakers Workshop – Indianapolis Chapter

Directing for Film at River Bend Film Festival 2013

2012 Female Directors Presentation at River Bend Film Festival

2011 Female Directors Presentation at Indiana Filmmaker’s Networks – Bloomington Chapter

Karmic Courage is delighted to bring you a 10-part webseries dedicated to screenwriting. Based on the in person workshops, the webseries will provide condensed information that can be view anytime from any computer or phone for free. Like our name suggests Karmic Courage is about having the courage to help others so that good karma (in the form of great movies) is possible.

Here are the episodes available. Each has a YouTube video as well as a links, tips, outlines and documents on the website.

  1.  The Business of Screenwriting – available now! 
  2. De-constructing loglines – available now! 
  3. Script Formating – available now! 
  4. Defining Your Hero – available now!

Don’t want to miss an episode? Subscribe to our You Tube channel today and be notified of all our new videos!


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