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Karmic Courage is a boutique production company making one feature-film a year. Very rarely does Karmic Courage produce material that is not developed in house by owner Kate Chaplin but it has happened. We are always on the look out for inspiring stories that are well told and unique.

If you are interested in submitting or pitching a script for Karmic Courage to produce here is what you need to consider:

  1. KCP only produces material that has a strong female lead character. We look for material that showcases women and girls in an empowering and realistic way.
  2. KCP produces shorts and feature films.
  3. KCP budgets are currently small. Under $100,000.
  4. KCP no longer produces horror or overly violent material.

If you have a finished script or a treatment that fits, then send a query letter. A query letter is one page, giving the logline (2-3 sentences of your script describing: who is your hero? what is her problem? how is she going to solve it?) describing how the script would be of interest to Karmic Courage and a final paragraph about why you were the best person to write this material. Let us know if the script is finished, the current page count (so we know if it’s short or feature) or if you have a treatment.

Feedback & Script Doctoring

Karmic Courage mostly receives script for Script Doctoring (feedback). This is where we can be of the most help to screenwriters looking to get their material produced. Here are the packages we offer.

Script Formatting for Production – $20 short film * $50 feature film

Scripts are formatted in a specific way to ease communication between film departments and to generate reports in specialized filmmaking report software such those found in Final Draft, AP Scheduler etc. Scripts are also designed in a specific format so that (properly formatted) page will equal (approx) one minute of screen time and one hour to film. A properly formatted script is the start of an easier production schedule and communication. KCP offers script formatting in Final Draft, Celtx and PDF. We can take your text/word file and make sure it is properly formatted for production and provide basic reports such as scene heading listing, character list, dialogue to action percent, what character talks to which character most, dialogue lines for a specific actor, number of times an character/scene appears and more. We will not rewrite, we format your words to the proper placement.

Feedback/Critique – $25 first 10 pages

The first 10 pages of a script are crucial to getting past the slush pile. You’ll get a report answering these questions as well as suggestions:

  • Does the script open with an image?
  • Is it a compelling read right from the start?
  • Is there a opening mood/setting or feeling right from the start?
  • Is it clear on which genre it is from the start?
  • Is the protagonist introduced?
  • Has the Ordinary World of the main character been introduced?
  • Is the time period established?
  • Is there efferent back story?
  • Is the antagonist introduced or eluded to?
  • Are there conflicts right away?
  • Is it fast paced? Read fast?
  • Is the inciting incident in the first 10 pages?
  • Is the script formatted properly?

Feedback/Critique full script – $100 script under 45 pages * $200 over 45 pages

You’ll get a report of all the questions listed above for the first 10 pages as well as logline, a synopsis, a target market suggestion and we’ll answer these questions about your script

  • What is the universal need of the main character?
  • What is the character growth?
  • Is the dialogue too “on the nose” or “wooden”?
  • Is there too little or too much dialogue?
  • Are the characters different or do they sound the same?
  • What does the character do to reach their goal?
  • What does the main character sacrifice?
  • Is it a strong main character?
  • Is the setting another character in the script?
  • Could the story be set anywhere else?
  • Do all the scenes/sequences relate to moving the plot forward?
  • Do the stakes continue to rise?
  • Are the consequences for your characters actions?
  • Are all the loose ends tied up?
  • Does your main character solve the Major Dramatic Question?
  • How has the main character changed or learned something new?
  • Is the ending satisfying? (not always happy)

Script Doctor Work – $200 under 45 pages * $400 over 45 pages

Does your script need help with dialogue, character arcs, setting changes, Hero’s Journey plotting,  or a general streamline polish to make sure all elements fit in to make a compelling script? KCP offers Script Doctoring work on all your needs. On this package, know what you want help on before contacting us.

Script Writing from adapted material (book, play, short story) – $500 under 45 pages * $2000 over feature film

Do you have published or unpublished material that you would like to make into a script but you lack the software and time? We at KCP will urge you that source material like a book, play or short story can be pitched to hollywood agents and producers without a script. However if you still want a script written, we’re your team! You’ll get an outline, rough draft and two revisions.

Script Writing from a treatment – $600 under 45 pages * $2500 feature film

Want KCP to write your script idea? This package includes 2 development/brainstorming meetings, an script outline, a rough draft and two revisions.


Kate Chaplin



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